Unchained Goddess

Design Description

The brand is focused on women’s sexual wellness products. She will have a blog and  build a social media support community for women to share their own stories of what they have overcome in their lives and inspire and empower others that are struggling. The main theme is that all women are a Goddess. That power and beauty is held in who they are regardless or race, sex, sexual preference, age, religious beliefs, physical appearances etc. It’s about selflove and complete social acceptance and living a life where we are not “chained” by society. Thus, living life as an Unchained Goddess and embracing that feeling.

The icon female with wings is what she want to use. Where she was struggling getting how to display that with the name of the Unchained Goddess. She will be using it on her intimate products that she created.

Brandboard & Moodboard

Social Media Design Templates

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