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A brand creates TRUST, and when consumer can trust you, they would definitely do business with you. It is often observed that consumers are willing to pay more for branded products and services.

-being a brand helps you build recognition among more customers

2. Uniqueness
-branding helps your brand standout among your competitors

3. Generate Trust
-branding helps generate trust in your consumers’ mind for your brand

4. Build Customer Base
-branding helps you create a loyal customer

5. Increase Business Value
-brandint helps you increase brand value of your business.


Happy Monday Motivation Everyone!!!

This is the best start to remind yourself on your Monday morning how worthy you are and how amazing you are!!! And of course get a cup of coffee or tea for yourself.

I’m a coffee lover! Who’s a coffee lover here too? 🤪

Happy Weekend! It’s ME time!

There’s nothing better than the weekend — well, unless you have a long weekend ahead of you. We already spend most of our week counting down the days until the weekend, and it feel so much greater when you get to add on an extra day to it.

On most weekends, you have to decide between waking up early to get stuff done or sleeping in, the extra day gives you the freedom to combine both adventure and relaxation, because all you’ve got is time.

What do you usually do on weekend despite this pandemic time? Sleep? Doing household chores? Cheat day? Netflix all day and all night long? Whatever it is I hope you all have a great weekend!  ❤

Do you ever find yourself saying this? I wish I could do that? I wish I could go on that trip. I wish I could find that perfect whatever it is.

I believed on this based on my experience. For me it just really takes time to realize that it is possible to do things that I really wanted to do. It took me years to travel to my dream European countries that I thought it’s impossible to do. It took me years to believe that I can do the things that I love everyday that converts into income.

Do you believe in yourself that you can do yours?

5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Puzzle Instagram Grid Feed

1. Prepare your puzzle Instagram grid in Adobe Illustrator. I create a blank grid of 3×4 squares using Adobe Illustrator. You could also use Photoshop but I like that, by using Illustrator’s artboards, I can easily export each individual tile later, once I am done designing the feed. 

2.Design the basic outline of your Instagram grid I chose my color palette and start layering from the background up. 

3. Add your photos and text. Now that the basic outline is taking shape I start layering in those images and picture by picture create the overall content flow. For that, I already keep my favorite fonts that I chose for my designs as well as my logo next to the artboards – ready to use. I LOVE LOVE typography so I like to incorporate it into my feed not only to make verbal statements but also as a way to further style my page – to create that “vibe” I am all about.

This is the most labor-intensive step and can sometimes take me a couple of days, as I go back and forth until it all just feels right. I also pay a lot of attention to how each individual tile will turn out. You will end up with some “filler” posts and that’s ok, it allows the overall feed to breathe but more or less I try that each little square has something visually pleasing or a small story to tell.

Note: When it comes to my content I follow the 80/20 rule, which means 80% of my content is lifestyle & storytelling while 20% focuses on my actual products and designs.

4. Save your individual images. If you are using Photoshop instead, you will have to create a grid using the ruler tool first and then figure out a good way to slice up the canvas. There are some free apps like Instagrids that can assist you with this but it will take a little bit more trial and error to make sure everything lines up again in the end.

5. Add the images in any of your Instagram schedulers to plan your feed

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